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Remote Neurofeedback in Towson, MD

I now offer in-home Neurofeedback services. This way, you need not let distance affect your mental health.

If Neurofeedback is something you are interested in, but cannot make it to my Towson MD office, I can send you the equipment to use, and then we’ll work together virtually to analyze and process the results.

The advantages to virtual Neurofeedback are many:
• Distance is no longer a factor. In-home Neurofeedback is as effective virtually as it is in person.
• IT’S EASY! I can quickly show you how to use the equipment to get the results you need.
• It saves time. You can use the equipment whenever you like, and have more sessions in less time than we can do in person.
• We can double and triple up (or more). Several family members can participate. So this ideal for busy families.
• There’s nothing scary here either. It’s totally non-invasive, painless, and quite simple. Read my Neurofeedback page for more info on this.

  • I’m still there for you. We’ll schedule sessions, so you’ll get everything you would if you were in my office. Except you won’t be in my office. You’ll probably be in your living room or your bedroom, but you can be in a beach house in California or Florida if you wish (that’s my way of saying I can help you no matter where in the USA you are). 

How it Works

This is going to be easier than you think it will be. Once you reach out to me, I’ll go over all the details and costs, and will answer all of your questions.

In a few days, you’ll get the equipment with detailed instructions. You’ll use the equipment for the duration of our engagement. During this time, we’ll have virtual sessions to go over the results.

When finished, you simply send the equipment back, you get refunded any deposits, and you and your family enjoy better mental health as a result. Ready to get started with in-home Neurofeedback? Call me at (410) 494-6668, or fill out my contact form.